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Some guitar lessons online are often part of learning methods for beginners or for kids, while others focus on developing certain styles and are geared toward students at various levels of proficiency. And if you've been playing guitar regularly for a while, it's also possible to find lessons that are specific to your needs ... to develop a particular technique or to go more in depth on a topic that might be of special interest to you. Costs are very reasonable - much less than hiring a private teacher or attending a music school, the percentage of successful students is very high and you can try most courses for days or weeks and pay for them only if you like them.

The Guitar Is The Most Played Instrument

The guitar is THE MOST FAMOUS INSTRUMENT in the world and is played by millions of people around the globe. There are guitarists in every country, of every ethnicity and of all religions ... of both genders and of all ages. There are those who play by themselves and those who are members of a band ... or those who play with other guitarists and musicians who are also learning ... or they might be playing just for fun. They might be professionals; they might be amateurs at any and all levels of knowledge and experience.

If we were to put all these guitar players together we might be able to establish a medium populated nation of guitarists and we'd also realize there are a lot of people who want to play the guitar but have no idea where to begin. The guitar is truly the favorite instrument of people on both hemispheres. How do you learn to play really well? What are the different avenues you can pursue to get the Knowledge And Technique you need?

There Are Four Ways
In Which To Learn To Play Guitar

1) Buying Books That "Teach You How To Play The Guitar"

How can a book teach us how to play? If what we need is someone who we can watch doing the things guitar players do with the guitar and HEAR the SOUNDS resulting from what we're seeing ... While at the same time being able to hear a more detailed explanation than what can possibly fit in text form. The amount of words needed to explain each topic can be quite large, which means books would need to be hundreds or thousands of pages long - of course that they would be difficult to follow for most players and absolutely endless to beginners.

Yes, I am aware that a lot of people have "learned" this way in the past but I have personally never met a good musician who has. Now that we have the Web, this WAY OF LEARNING is without a doubt OBSOLETE IN MOST PARTS OF THE WORLD. Nowadays, most of us are connected and you can find bigger, better and cheaper things on the Internet.

2) Getting Free Online Guitar Lessons

For someone who is just starting out, it could be a mistake to try to learn how to play the guitar this way, because the lessons can be imprecise or of very poor quality, or just a series of detached lessons without any structure or cohesion between them, or they could quite simply not be fit for a beginner. A person who has been playing for a while can find valuable free guitar lessons on specific topics, because they already know what they need and have even learned to distinguish quality material. Aside from this scenario, however, free guitar lessons without a specific plan or path behind them are not very effective ... sometimes not even for people who are quite advanced.

3) Hiring A Guitar Teacher Or Attending A Music School

This is an excellent option, because a teacher will make sure that you learn what needs to be learned, and that you're doing it the way it's supposed to be done ... the right way. A teacher will usually follow a structured method whose parts he executes in every class according to the progress shown by the pupil. A GOOD TEACHER will also adapt his method to the pupil; a good teacher will improvise on the fly although he realizes there's a chance for a mistake... especially if he's a passionate guitar player, or a teacher who goes everywhere at 1000 miles per hour. A teacher's ability to adapt to the pupil - and to adapt quickly, can help the pupil get over their limitations ... one by one. A teacher must know that not everybody reacts the same way and that the strengths and weaknesses are unique to each pupil.

Even though there are a lot of benefits and good things about learning how to play the guitar with a "real" person - by taking LESSONS with someone who's physically there, the problem with hiring a guitar teacher or going to a music school is that it can be a very expensive way to LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR. Going to a music school - aside from tuition costs, implies transportation costs to and from the school. And if you're a minor maybe someone will have to be available to take you there and to bring you back ... which complicates things as now there's an extra person needed for you to attend your classes (usually one of the parents).

On the other hand, to take private lessons at the teacher's (or even the pupil's) house might be MORE EXPENSIVE still. A lot of very knowledgeable guitar players feel this is the perfect way for people to start from scratch and learn to "fly solo". Unfortunately, a lot of beginners in the world won't have access to a "real" teacher due to how expensive it can be, and to the fact that there might not even be a teacher available in the area.

4) Taking Quality Guitar Lessons Online

A lot of private teachers also offer online guitar lessons in which they are able to pass on their knowledge and experience to a greater number of people in a wider range of experience levels, often while being part of a staff of teachers or a method of online teaching. There are a lot of HIGH-QUALITY COURSES that are also structured around what might be of interest to the student. It's your choice ... either acoustic or electric guitar and the style of music you'd like to pursue - which can sometimes mean different lessons and teachers for different styles and techniques. There are Diverse Modalities Of Online Guitar Lessons that may include the download of video lessons, uploads from your part of yourself playing, the use of Skype for live teaching lessons, special classes with famous guitarists ... experienced teachers that interact with you (sometimes in real time), answering your questions, HELPING YOU fix your mistakes, showing you tips and following you along the way.

For all this you will need a GOOD COMPUTER with a WEBCAM and a MICROPHONE, and ideally (although it's not indispensable), a small PC audio system that will help you hear with the best quality possible whatever it is that you're being shown (we are talking about a small speaker system that can cost between $20 and $60, nothing out of this world) and take the maximum advantage of this type of multimedia learning. In the case of live lessons it's highly recommended that you have access to an internet connection, one that will not give you any problems, preferably a HIGH-SPEED connection. Whatever you might need to install on your computer can be found easily online ... such as Skype software and maybe something else that manufacturers or developers usually provide free of charge through serious websites that don't allow spammers, trojans, viruses or any of that nonsense.

Online guitar lessons are particularly recommended for people who live in rural areas or away from cities in which there might be available guitar teachers or music schools in which to study. While I believe there are also online services that allow you to find guitar teachers near you, this is only useful in certain parts of the world. If you're having a hard time finding someone to teach you, guitar lessons online are a great alternative that in most cases only differ from "real" lessons in that the teacher is not physically present in the same room, and in the amount of stress a student can feel with a teacher sitting next to them (a lot of people feel that the physical presence of a teacher, far from being a convenience, can be intimidating).

Some very focused pupils even use guitar lessons online as complements to private teachers or music schools (or vice-versa) ... or for a source of double-checking and research, because you can go over every lesson as many times as you want.

How Do I Learn Guitar
By Following Online Lessons?

Actually ... in order to clearly understand how this method of learning works you'd have to research each of the courses in existence, because even though they are similar and are BASED ON "PRACTICE" (the need for the student to practice on their own) they all have their peculiarities, specially with regards to the topics, style and methodology that are worth looking into ... These are singularities that, when the rubber meets the road can determine whether a method is more or less easy to follow by a given person with a certain lifestyle. You need to research which course will accommodate you and your needs best.

So that it doesn't end up being a crazy last minute idea (yeah, those that never work) ... that because of a non-musical issue or formality, lets all of your ENERGY and will to learn go to waste. This sort of thing can make you abandon the pursuit of playing the guitar and prevent you from coming back because you didn't like it the first time and now you may think that all courses are that bad, boring, slow or without reward (or whatever pushed you away from the guitar). Sometimes A Method Is Not Bad, But Badly Chosen. There are many good guitar lessons online that are a part of quality courses, you only need to find the one that's best for you. A method that you can follow along according to your will to learn, your availability and your resources. At this point, YOU NEED TO BE REALISTIC.

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