Are There Free Guitar Lessons That Actually Work?

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Is It Possible To Find Them On The Internet? ... Yes, But ...

Although there are lots of free guitar lessons in every single corner of the Web, many aspiring musicians have doubts about whether or not to take lessons ... "to take or not to take guitar lessons" they say... Some of them fear that their music could lost their spontaneity, that theory learning and practice will make them sound too predictable, repetitive, with no personality and no "MAGIC" ... others, think it is a huge waste of time because what they want is to "play just easy things - the lessons are for those who want to play very difficult parts or those who want to be professional, not for me".

Other guitarists are afraid of confronting their reality for the first time, which they will have to meet face-to-face when starting their AUTO-TRAINING because you get to realize where the true level of your technique and musical knowledge is ... sooner or later you have to face the facts, the sooner the better ... no more lies.

Other Common Excuses Why Many Do Not Want Guitar Lessons

I have no talent, you don't need to have talent to learn to play guitar ... the desire to do so is a much more powerful forcethan talent.

My fingers and hands do not have the size or strength needed, there are quite a few types of EXERCISES to strengthen anyone's hands ... And if you're still too young and your hands have not finished their development, there are SPECIAL guitars designed in smaller sizes ... and manufactured for you.
My movements are a little uncoordinated and clumsy, at the beginning we are all uncoordinated and clumsy, but that's easy to OVERCOME with constant training and following a responsible METHOD...if you want to move forward at a steady pace with minimal pain and no muscle damage.
Guitar lessons are expensive. The quality programs are not expensive, especially if you compare them with all the time it takes for you to find free guitar lessons out there. Where you don't know if they'll take you where you want to go, where you don't know if they will match to your development level, and don't know if they are reliable.
I'm too young, I'm too old ... WE ALL NEED TO LEARN ... the age is not an inclusive or exclusive factor.
I'm already good enough (good luck with this statement). I met many of them a while ago, who GET NOWHERE because they think they knew everything.

We All Need Some HELP To Learn Anything

The previous ones are all surmountable reasons and they also reinforce the idea that we all need some help for getting started or moving forward ... there is NO VALID REASON to stop taking lessons since they aren't expensive (or they are free), or they have a free trial you can use to evaluate the method for a few days or weeks and then decide if you want to pay to continue.

If you can't hire a personal instructor or can't go to a music school or don't have a friend who lives nearby and knows something and can guide you, you'll have to start looking for some information somewhere to continue your own development. It's a fact of life, especially if you feel you're stuck in the middle of something.

And if ultimately, you decide to do it just by YOURSELF, then somehow you have to take on the job of being your own teacher as well - you must not let good fortune or mother nature decide it for you ... If you're going to follow the full self-taught way, you'll have to walk with your eyes wide open and get ready to play the dual role of student and teacher, making sure they both exist ... If there is nobody to do the coaching work, you must be your own teacher.

Free Guitar Lessons Are Not So FREE

Instead of collecting a bunch of lessons of dubious origins for yourself, it would be preferable to take guitar lessons that have already worked for many people. If you don't know how to start ... or what to look for or where to look for it, you'll end up losing a great NUMBER OF HOURS surfing the net to try to find lessons that could be potentially useful ... Hours that you could be using profitably by doing something else, for example, Practicing.

Maybe you want to save money on some free guitar lessons that caught your eye but you'll end up spending more ... because maybe you will not achieve the expected results and also because YOUR TIME IS worth more than you think - and wasting it is the same as throwing MONEY down the toilet ... You could also be wrong when determining your plan points and trying to start with very difficult lessons and then ending up frustrated and unmotivated ... or getting trapped in a corner of a technical paradox and stopping your learning when trying to overcome a barrier that perhaps you should try later - or never.

Once YOUR PLAN is READY, you can start surfing the web and find some paid or free guitar lessons that can serve for this or that point in your plan - or, you should adapt your plan to an existing METHOD or METHODS, or you would need to get a teacher to advise and help you develop a plan - and find the lessons you need. Plan that represents the path to your goal, to your fantasy of being a superstar ... How would you like to play? ... Think about it, imagine it, memorize the details, tattoo it in your memory ... Is it your goal clear now? ... Then you just need a good plan and not losing sight of that goal in no time ... like those climbers who need to view the top all the way up, if they don't want to get lost and to be motivated all the time.

Save Money And Time ... State Your Goals First

If you don't have your goals clearly defined and a detailed plan to reach them step by step, you could end up going around in circles without going on to anywhere - always playing the same phrases, always making the same mistakes in the same parts - and almost without realizing it, you'd be giving up the opportunity to access to more advanced KNOWLEDGE, 'cause even the easy things could become difficult ... In the information age it would be foolish not to use some of the many resources that are available to everyone on the Web.

I know what I'm saying ... because the first part of my learning was done haphazardly - of course it was fun, but, at one point, I realized that it must be other ways to learn the same things but without losing that much time TRYING TO GUESS or invent the wheel again.

Whatever it is what you're pursuing, you can rest assured that there is already the needed material for you to train - you just need to have a good plan and get all the necessary pieces to get it going.

Get Quality Guitar Lessons To Grow

Good guitar lessons could help you a lot to acquire MUSICAL SKILLS and develop a good HAND TECHNIQUE ... you have to learn the right things from the beginning to prevent the formation of bad habits that are difficult to change or eliminate at a later stage. A good guitar method or a good teacher can guide you in the right direction considering "how you want to play" vs. "how you could actually play" How to turn YOUR DREAM INTO a feasible REALITY? ... The first is obvious ... What level you want to reach?... Who would you like to emulate? Do you already know which style you're going to target?

According to the level of difficulty that your goal has, you'll have to see what resources you count on... your DESIRE and ENTHUSIASM, how long you have weekly, monthly, yearly, the previously acquired skills and knowledge that could be helpful, the quantity and quality of the music you've listened in your whole life, maybe a small budget as well? ... mmm, but money should not be a worry for your TRAINING, because you can find helpful guitar lessons for free or for a small fee.

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